Our Mission

Technology improves access

At Odyssey, we believe that technology can improve parents’ access to quality education. We believe that government technology can and should be easy, intuitive and fast.

The Odyssey platform has the right features for any ESA or microgrant program.

Turnkey solution
Odyssey handles all aspects of administering programs including application management, marketing and outreach, marketplace creation, payments, and customer support.
Real time financial data
Odyssey provides real time access to balances and transaction flows ensuring that all money is accounted for in every program.
First ESA and microgrants platform
Odyssey is the first company that has designed a product to focus exclusively on education savings accounts and microgrant management.
State based approach
Odyssey utilizes a state-based approach by customizing our platform to each states’ needs.

Marketplace with schools and vendors you already use.

Our Focus

We connect families, states, and vendors