About Us

Hello, we’re Odyssey

A passionate team building technology to enable parents to choose the best education for their child.
Our History

It all started when…

Joe Connor started a national network of microschools. Joe tried to access public funding programs to support their growth. He found that one type of program, an education savings account or ESA was a great fit, but was difficult to use. The existing platform was antiquated, suffered from data breaches, had inadequate financial controls, and had poor customer service. Joe knew there must be a better way to allow parents, vendors and states to access and monitor the program.
January, 2019
Joe started a network of microschools
The network grew quickly, was a revolutionary approach to homeschooling, and could have been a perfect fit as a vendor for ESAs.
June, 2021
Joe founded Agora
After starting Agora, Joseph spent time talking with hundreds of parents, dozens of vendors, and several state regulators. In those discussions, he learned about the current issues that face parents, vendors and states in accessing and administering these programs. Incorporating that feedback into the Agora platform has allowed us to build an incredible experience for all users.
April, 2022
Agora builds first turnkey solution for the ESA and microgrant market

After nearly a year of work, Agora developed the world’s first product built solely for managing ESAs and microgrant programs. Agora built it with an outstanding team of developers and product managers from companies like Facebook, Google, AngelList, Lyft, and Lambda School.
August, 2022
Agora rebranded to Odyssey
In anticipation of launching our first state partnership, we have rebranded Agora to Odyssey. Same great company, new name. Odyssey continues the mission of connecting families with states to get access to funding to customize education for their children.

“All families deserve access to high quality education.”

-Joe Connor, Founder

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