Our Approach

We dive deep with our state partners, understanding their constituents unique challenges and customizing our platform to meet their needs. Across all of our states, our platform is designed to lower the burden and associated costs of our state partners by taking on every aspect of program management. We accomplish this through:

The Odyssey platform includes

Real-Time Authentication & Approval
Odyssey's process takes less than five minutes to apply, featuring the industry's first and only real-time digital identity verification. Eligibility is determined in less than one second, with support for various verification options, including API integration. The mobile-first technology is easy to use and customizable for any commonly spoken languages.
Best-in-Class Customer Support
Our US-based, in-house team of 20+ professionals operates seven days a week, including early mornings, evenings, and weekends, providing bilingual support in English and Spanish. We offer augmented support during launches and milestone events to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.
Risk and Compliance Controls
We provide secure digital student wallets, end-to-end data retention, and payment processing, along with automated verification and expense approval. As a verified marketplace facilitator, we offer a tax engine for state tax filings, ensuring compliance and security in all transactions.
State-Specific Marketplace & Marketing
Each marketplace is customized for individual states with state-approved inventory, managing vendor and inventory onboarding directly at the SKU level, and continuously adding new offerings. We prioritize local vendors, manage processing, returns, and household cart checkouts for multiple children. Additionally, we partner with state and local organizations for marketing, providing toolkits for schools and sending constant reminders to increase program usage and spending.

Marketplace with schools and vendors you already use.

Our Focus

We connect families, states, and vendors