About Us

At Odyssey, our mission is to enable access to high-quality education across the U.S. regardless of income or zip code.

With our proprietary technology, we make educational choice easier, faster, and more accessible to parents in the jurisdictions that we serve. By partnering directly with state agencies and educational vendors, we help to streamline the process that empowers parents to find the tools necessary for their children to succeed.
Our History

Our Platform:

Our passionate team of developers, e-commerce and finance leaders, customer success experts, and former educators is dedicated to building tech solutions that empower parents to choose the best education for their children.

As the first company designed specifically for education savings accounts (ESAs),, our platform connects families, states, and vendors to help streamline application management, payment processing, order fulfillment, and communication while providing users with around-the-clock customer service.

“All families deserve access to high quality education.”

-Joe Connor, Founder

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